Artist's Statement

Hello, thank you for taking the time!

The majority of 2 and 3 Dimensional artworks I have created have been predominantly make of glass, utilizing a wide range of hot and cold working fabrication and decorative techniques. I employ a ‘celebration of color’, and the frequencies of color relationships. The ‘architecture of the vessel’ technically and conceptually continues to play a dominant part in my work. Generally my work is of a ceremonial nature, yet the vessel may be a singular statement, part of a series, or appear as a symbolic component of a larger sculpture or installation. Through my work, I have been dubbed a “Primitive Futurist”; a curious analogy.

For many years, I have been involved with mixed-media, merging the potential of cast, blown, painted, and laminated glasses with such materials as stone, ceramic and various metals, on many scales from very small to very large architecturally integrated artworks.

As an artist and designer, I strive for technical excellence and spiritual latitude. Many of my sculptures reflect ceremony and ritual through the organization of architectonic and natural forms. Many of my sculptures, I use architectural proportion to reflect the architectonic potential. Much inspiration and interest have come from my personal research into ancient cultures, such as the ancient Egyptians and the Maya.

Along with the development of series sculpture, I have explored the development of site specific, architecturally integrated artworks for the built environment through the commissioned process for public art installations, and corporate & private realms. I enjoy consulting and collaborating with project architects, engineers, fellow artists, scientists, and creative collectives where expanded creative and inventive potential results.

Reach out to me at: or give me a call at 4165047040